I'm a nerdy, queer, boy in a dress, aspiring drag queen, atheist, anarcho-syndicalist guy living in the not-deep-south. I enjoy reading or watching science fiction/fantasy, deep drama, absurdest comedies, and political or sociological theory. I am very into hip-hop, folk punk, hardcore, post hardcore, post rock, freak folk, country, or any other music that catches my ear. I am currently exploring what it means to be male. I hope you have fun. On the unbelievably slim chance you would like to send me a present

Please signal boost this. Does anyone know or have a place that could put up one maybe two people in Columbia,SC Sunday and Monday? One of us is a really cool cis-straight dude and I’m a gender nonconforming queer cis dude, both are white. We just need somewhere to sleep for a funeral.

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    I was looking at it and I thought I would try here too. Thank you!
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    yankeegirldixie: why don’t you try couchsurfing.com? its always worked for me.
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    Signal boost, please.
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    hey, help Ian out if you can. he’s fantastic and could really use your help. please continue to signal boost.